Know Your Customer Global KYC for XGC Wallet / GreenCoinX

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KYCGlobal are online Know Your Customer ("KYC") identification experts designed to provide a smooth and simple way for businesses to verify the identity of customers, as required by worldwide regulators. There is no cost to the user/customer. We are the exclusive online KYC process used by GreenCoinX, the world's first identifiable crypto currency. GreenCoinX users are required to open an online wallet at which in turn requires a KYCGlobal verification to be completed. The same process is completed with the GreenCoinX mobile wallet for Android devices, and the GreenCoinX technical wallet. Users can quickly and efficiently complete the online KYC application, which will generate a unique KYCGlobal number. The KYCGlobal number can then be utilized to complete the KYC requirements of GreenCoinX.

KYCGlobal enables identification in about fifteen minutes. The verification process is conducted with the highest level of security and comprises the upload of a copy of a passport or other government identification document, driving license, social security or tax number, utility invoice, and a photo of the user’s face next to the user’s government identification document open at the photo page.

New Users

Create your KYC ID

Existing Users

Modify KYC data / upload documents

Your KYC number is unique to you. You should keep your KYC number confidential and it should be kept secure.