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Know Your Customer Global KYC for XGC Wallet / GreenCoinX



What is KYC?
Know your customer, or KYC, are the procedural norms formed to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing. Businesses need to verify the identity of their customer by requiring identification proofs. The process of KYC entails identifying the customer and verifying the identity by using reliable and independent documents or information. KYCGlobal provides identity verification on behalf of its clients. The process requires getting proof of identity and proof of address for customers.

When a KYCGlobal customer wishes to make an application they will proceed online. The online guide will enable the customer to provide the appropriate documents and further information required. Once the customer has completed the application and uploaded the appropriate documents, a notification will be provided and if the application has been successful a KYCGlobal number will be issued the customer. Any discrepancy will be communicated to the customer and an opportunity will be provided to update or rectify information so that a successful application can be processed and a KYCGlobal number can be issued.

Is my data secure?
Your encrypted data is secured on multiple private servers each with the latest multi-sig password technology and passwords that change every 60 seconds. We are currently designing even more secure protocols by developing a unique blockchain concept that will store identification data. More information on this blockchain security will be announced in due course.

What does KYCGlobal require?
For individuals, KYCGlobal will require the following information and documents.

  1. Legal name and any other change in names used.
  2. Correct permanent address
  3. Identity Proof
    1. Passport or other government identification document
    2. Social Security / Tax Number
    3. Driving license
  4. Address Proof(any one of the following)
    1. Utility invoice
    2. Bank account statement
  5. A photo of the user' face next to the user's passport open at the photo page.

For Companies/Partnership Firms/Trusts & Foundation, a different set of documentation and information is required.

Please contact us at support@kycglobal.net for more information. TO START THE KYCGlobal APPLICATION PLEASE CLICK HERE